Greystone Interiors offers its clients integrated design – build services. We will both guide the design process and supervise construction as general contractor from the project’s start to its finish. The design – build arrangement enables us to ensure that all work done correctly. We bring client designs into beautiful, functional reality.

For each design – build project, Greystone Interiors will assemble a highly skilled team of

  • architects
  • builders
  • artisans
  • contractors

We know that each member of our team will bring the quality and attention to detail that our customers require. Most customers choose to use contractors we have vetted. However, we are happy to work with the professionals that a client selects.

During the construction phase, our goal is to ensure that the work is completed to a client’s satisfaction.

  • We make frequent on-site visits and constantly communicate with contractors.
  • We clearly communicate the project’s design to contractors and artisans using computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. These scale drawings help eliminate mistakes and unnecessary cost.
  • We are the client’s liaison to the contractors and will facilitate any mid-project construction decisions that must be made.

We prefer to supervise projects from the very beginning. However, Greystone Interiors will provide construction supervision services for projects already underway.


  • We provide our design build services on retainer, providing clients with a detailed monthly report of the time dedicated to each project.
  • Or we also can bill our design/build services by the hour.
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