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Greystone Interiors LLC provides color consultation for both interior and exterior projects. Founder and Lead Designer Mary Jo Gallagher is a certified True Color Expert trained by renowned colorist Maria Killam. Mary Jo is highly skilled at helping her clients navigate the complexities of color and light to make the best decisions for their homes.

Mary Jo listens to her clients’ preferences and ideas about color selection, but always analyzes each project site to determine the color options in context. She carefully examines how color of nearby fixed elements might impact the colors of the project. The color of flooring, a bathroom sink, or a kitchen countertop might impact an interior project, for example. However, a home’s walkways or roof, and even neighboring houses, might interact with the color of a home’s exterior.

Light on exterior projects will change with time and cloud conditions; so Mary Jo will visit an exterior project site at various times of the day and on cloudy and sunny days.

Mary Jo can provide color consultation clients with paint samples and color boards that better display multiple swatches of paint. After a client makes the final color decisions, Mary Jo will prepare a report that specifies each selected paint color by color number, manufacturer and finish.

Mary Jo encourages color consultation clients to use Greystone Interiors’ trusted paint contractors, whom she will directly supervise on site. These painters thoroughly prep their projects—sanding surfaces, and caulking trim, for example —to ensure the new paint looks its best and last longer. Clients also can use the specifications from their Greystone Interiors’ color consultation to hire their own painters.

Greystone Interior bills by the hour or by the project for its color consultation services.

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